Only people bring life to film and photo scenes. Let me show you the local cultural highlights for your private use and commercial productions. From young folk dancers to the world beard champion – I can help you get to know the locals and their unique traditions.

Discover the most stunning locations for film, television and photo productions: Impressive mountain scenery in Austria and Switzerland or idyllic alpine huts in Bavaria and South Tyrol. An efficient and cost-effective production is highly dependent on the right shooting location. Many years’ experience as a film and TV production manager working with local experts guarantees the best spots for your production.


I offer complete planning, organising and monitoring for film and television productions from one source. I am the right contact person for adequate accommodation and the necessary infrastructure. In addition I have a network of excellent cameramen and carefully selected staff from all film units.

Experienced specialists are essential for a successful shoot in the high mountains. I organise perfectly matched teams, professional equipment and efficient transport to remote places in the Alps at realistic prices. Of course no one can influence the weather, but I get my information from the most reliable local and national weather services.